10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Real Estate Listing Presentation

Listing presentation is the equivalent of an interview in real estate. It’s the first official meeting between the agent and the client. It’s the listing presentation that determines whether you will get the business or not. It’s the start of the journey.

A listing presentation is just like a show and the spotlight is on the agent. It’s their moment to shine and showcase their expertise and professionalism to the clients. It’s here that you give an amazing real estate listing presentation and get that contract signed. Unfortunately, there are a lot of common mistakes that agents knowingly or unknowingly make which damage their image in the eyes of the client.

We have compiled a list of 10 Don’ts that you should avoid at all costs during a real estate listing presentation:

1. Don’t be late

In the words of Thomas Chandler, “Punctuality is the soul of the business”. You should be arriving at your listing appointments at least 10-15 minutes early. By arriving late, you are making your clients wait. While they are waiting, they will think about how non-serious and unprofessional your behavior is. When they do that, you have basically lost the battle even before it starts. First impression is the last impression. Someone wise said that.
“Punctuality is the soul of the business “

— Thomas Chandler

2. Don’t Be Generic

You can’t have one general listing presentation that you can get pitch to every client. Learn to personalize your presentations according to your client’s needs and specifications. Do a market research of properties in the area. Include details about similar properties you have sold in the past. As an agent, you need to regularly update your presentation so you can better showcase your expertise, wins and value propositions.

3. Don’t Over Compliment

While you’re visiting a house, keep in mind to never over-compliment. There is nothing worse than trying to fake compliments. A little flattery is fine but overdoing it will raise this question: “Why”. Your sincerity will be jeopardized and any trust that you had built with the clients will be gone. Instead, focus on choosing 3-4 features and be sincerely genuine about them. Add positive energy by commenting with a smile on your face.

4. Don’t Put Down a Client’s Home

Keep in mind that every house is different from one another. Some houses may be nicer, some may need work done on them. It’s never a good idea to put down your client’s home as they belong to someone.

It doesn’t mean that you should ignore any issues. But if you do have to address them, do it in an elegant manner.

5. Don’t talk BAD about other Properties

It’s not a good practice to disrespect other properties in order to make your point. Comparing features and certain benefits is alright. But insulting other properties is not a good way of trying to build a rapport with your future clients. They might think you will say the same about their house when talking to your leads.

6. Don’t Forget Your Value Propositions

Let’s be clear, a real estate agent is only as good as the value they bring to the table. Make sure to let your clients know what the benefits of working with you are. Include details like how you use open houses, how you will market the house, how strong your connections with other agents are and how will you use these connections to identify potential buyers.

Keep in mind, while you explain the benefits of working with you, don’t talk bad about your competition. It’s only going to reflect poorly on you. Focus on what you can do and how.

7. Don’t Forget to Listen

Many agents tend to overlook the fact that a real estate listing presentation is not just about them. It’s also about understanding what the client wants. So make sure to address all of their questions and give them the information they want.

Plan to spend a lot of time answering these questions after the presentation. The more they know about you and your business history, the more comfortable they’ll feel about working with you.

8. Don’t Forget To Build A Relationship

A real estate agent can’t go around acting like a door-door salesperson. A good agent would know that the key to getting more business is developing a relationship with their clients. So spend some time assessing their personalities. Understand what they want and what they need. A good assessment of their personality will tell you how to communicate with them.

9. Don’t Forget Your Follow Up Information

Once you’re done with your listing presentation, it’s likely they haven’t gotten answers to all of their questions. You might have promised to send some information later on. It’s very important that you provide them with your contact information and send them what you promised as soon as possible. Also let them know that if they have any further questions, you will be available to answer them.

10. Don’t Forget To Be Professional

These may be common sense more than anything else. Don’t forget to be professional. Make use of the latest presentation tools to make a professional presentation. Also, don’t over scent, wear a fresh shirt if you sweat too much and never ever use the washroom during an appointment.

Summing It Up:

An agent’s business is majorly dependent upon their ability to convert leads into clients through these presentations. So if you’re still making these mistakes, you’re committing a crime that will kill your business and prevent it from growing.
Source: 10 Mistakes to Avoid in a Real Estate Listing Presentation – GREL – Real Estate Blogs