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From: Ray Wood

I’d like to share the 11 best telephone scripts I’ve ever used. Here’s why you need them:

I love doing coaching calls with my real estate agent coaching clients

I have a finely tuned technique where we quickly drill down and get to the REAL issues.

Mostly I’m interested in what I call the ‘low hanging fruit’.

These are the things sitting right in front of your nose that need action that make you money.

In many cases, the ripest, juiciest, sweetest low hanging fruit is getting on the phone and really connecting with contacts.

But this is where so many agents hit the wall. I call it MCR or Massive Call Reluctance and please believe me when I say it‘s a career killer.

I believe the main reason most agents don’t get on the phone is because they don’t really know what to say. Uncertainty creates fear and fear creates inertia or inaction. In other words, nothing happens!

In fact, it is estimated that less than 10% of agents maintain quality phone contact with someone on their contact list past 6 months after first meeting.

I’m guessing they’re the same 10% making 90% of the income in real estate.

The answer is always “no” until you ask.

If you want to win more listings and make more sales, then doing this one thing (getting on the phone) will give you the very best opportunity to double your income in the year ahead!

Getting on the phone also sends a clear and very important message to your contacts that you’re not afraid to make a call and take action. People respect that. It implies motivation and a pro-active professional approach.

If you’re sitting back waiting for your contacts to call you, I’m sorry but you’re dreaming.

The #1 rule in business is, if you don’t ask, you don’t get and I can assure you your competition is probably on the phone building relationships and engaging your contacts as well.

Why would you take the chance to not connect with someone who might be just waiting for your call?

I can tell you that real estate’s top performers are on the phone every day and making a minimum 100 calls a week.

But these are NOT cold calls. This is income boosting, quality communication to known and established contacts.

They may be buyers, sellers or just professional contacts who refer you leads from time to time but either way, EVERYONE on your contact list needs a regular engaging phone call. It’s like watering your garden. If you don’t your plants will die.

If you want to get more listings starting today, you need to muster the courage and discipline to get on the phone and make this happen.

And keep in mind the REAL purpose of your call: You’re looking to engage your contacts and leave them better than they were before you called.

So think about what you can offer to help them? How can you enrich their lives? What can you create or produce that positions you as the agent with the answers? (this is the key to your telephone marketing)

So here are some ideas, thoughts, strategies, suggestions and scripts I’ve used very successfully myself for many years and also some I’ve ‘borrowed’ from some of the best agents I know.

I’m also a fan of the indirect approach from time to time. It’s less threatening and much easier to deliver. I’ve included it in my scripts below as an option for you.

The 5 Rules of Telephone Prospecting:

1. The important thing is to just do it. By picking up the phone and making that call, you’ve entered the word of the elite agent. Congratulations!

2. The ONLY way you’re going to get better is to actually practice for real. You’ll soon get into a rhythm and settle into a way that works best for you. You’ll develop your own style and build from there.

3. Worried about upsetting or annoying your contact? Well let me tell you, not calling them will upset them even more. On the rare occasion a contact is upset, simply apologize and offer to delete them from your contact list. This is going to happen. Face it. Suck it up and move on.

4. Always call with news and be ready to offer something. Most agents can’t think of anything to offer which is why they don’t call and also why they struggle to get listings and sales.

5. And finally, (and this is vital) you need to call with great positive energy in your voice. People pick up on this and it will definitely influence their reaction and response.

Okay, here are the 11 best scripts I’ve ever seen!

Script 1. The Reach Out call
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. It’s a while since we’ve spoken and I just wanted to update my details and get things in order. Are you still looking to buy or sell?”
(By the way, this is a great script to use to reconnect or reach out to a contact you haven’t been in touch with for a while)

Script 2. The Market Update Report call
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. We’re just putting this quarter’s Market Update Reports together. It’s a quick summary as to where values in your area are heading. Would you like me to put you on the list to receive one?

Contact: Yes that would be great.

You: Okay awesome. Can I just confirm your contact information?

(The Market Update Reports are a really useful contact maker and a great way to capture more valuable info)

Script 3. The Open House call.
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I just wanted to give you a quick courtesy call and let you know we’re having an open house at 123 Smith Street this Saturday.”

Script 4. The Just Listed call
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I just wanted to touch base and let you know about a property we’ve got coming up for sale. Are you still looking to buy?

Script 5. The Just Sold call to sellers
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I just wanted to touch base and let you know about a property we’ve just sold. Are you still looking to sell?

Script 6. The Event call
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I just wanted to give you a courtesy call and let you know we’re helping out with a special fundraiser for our local school next weekend at (give details)

Script 7. Anniversary calls
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I notice your (X) year anniversary since you bought your home is coming up. This is a just a courtesy call to say hi and let you know we’re here to help if you need anything.

Script 8. Deadline calls to sellers
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I know you were looking to sell sometime soon and I just wanted to let you know we’re getting our clients that want to sell by Christmas (or winter or summer or whatever) set up with a great marketing program.

Script 9. Special Offer calls
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. We’ve just set up a special deal with (name) from XYZ home staging. The difference they’re making to homes coming onto the market is amazing. If you’re looking at selling anytime in the next 12 months, I could set you up with an appointment.

Script 10. Special Deal calls
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. I just wanted to let you know about our special Internet marketing package deal (or some other great sounding marketing deal) we’ve got coming up in (next month)

Script 11. Offer access to your list
“Hi Jane, it’s (your name) here from ABC realty. Just a quick call to let you know about my list of tradesmen/contractors/suppliers (call it what you like). It’s a list of my very best professional contacts and my clients love it and I realized you don’t have a copy. Can I email it to you?

So what’s stopping you?

My mission with giving you this list of proven scripts is to remove any excuses and help you get started on what is probably the most lucrative action you can complete in in your working day, week, month and year.

Can you see how these scripts and ideas give a reason for the call and something to ‘anchor’ the call to? There is also a great call-to-action with each script encouraging your contact to take action.

The reality is we never know where our next great referral is coming from so connecting with everyone on your list on a regular basis is the best way to optimize your chances for success.

Keep in mind, it’s just the pure power of numbers working in your favour.

Dream big, take names and make (lotsa) calls!!

Source: 11 gold medal telephone scripts most real estate agents don’t use – Top Agents Playbook