Want to sell you home for more?

small tweaks make BIG difference believe it ..!

1 - Lighting

Light is essential. If it doesn’t exist, look for ways to create it. Can a lamp be used, or perhaps a skylight could be installed to create more light? Cut foliage away from windows that might be preventing light from flooding into a room. Can a dark wall be lightened up? Buyers love light, so give them as much as you can.

2 - Street Appeal

How is your street appeal? The appearance of your property can encourage or discourage a buyer. How does it look from the street? Is it the type of property you would like to buy? Does your fence need painting? Creating an appealing street frontage can be one of the first points of interests buyers look at when considering to look into a home. Cut away trees or bushes that cover or crowd the property and ensure that the lawn is maintained to boost this appeal!

3 - Space

Creating space is important. This might mean removing excess furniture from your property. Open up hallways and doorways. A room crowded with furniture will only make it look smaller. Buyers love big rooms. Remember, less is more.

4 - Clutter

A cluttered property will severely limit your chances of finding the right buyer. Clear kitchen, bathroom and laundry benches of excess items so buyers can see them. Most buyers will be looking for as much storage space as they can get.

5 - Pets

Some people are allergic to cats and dogs. Make sure your pets are not around during an inspection.

6 - Presence at Inspections

It’s better if the owner is not around during the inspection. The owner’s presence may prevent a buyer from asking a question for fear of offending the owner. If you have faith in the agent handling things for you, its better to leave and let them do their job.

7 -Odours

Unpleasant odours like cigarette smoke, the smell from animals, lingering food odours and damp can all be addressed. A home is like a human body, it needs to breathe. Make sure your home is well ventilated. You can enhance presentation in a number of ways using artificial scents.

8 - Music

Retail specialists have proven that light classical music makes buyers stay longer and spend more. Why not use this to your advantage and have Vivaldi’s flute concerto, or something similar, playing in the background?

9 - Garden

Many buyers are looking for a garden but not a lot of work. Make sure your garden is not overgrown. Buyers want to spend their free time with their family and friends, rather than be a slave to a high maintenance garden. A good looking, neat and tidy garden will add value to a property. An overgrown mess will not.

10 - Presentation

Most buyers are looking to purchase a lifestyle. This means your own personal effects and the way your home looks to the buyer will make a significant impression. To a certain extent they may be purchasing the way you live as much as the property itself. You can cater to the largest sector of the buying market by keeping your property neat, simple and practical.

11 - Pre-sale Checklist

Write yourself a pre-sale checklist. List everything you need to do before you go on the market. Next, prioritise your list in order of importance and start with number one. You might not get everything on your list completed, but at least the essential items that need attention will be done. You are better off not to start any new major projects. Concentrate on completing things that need doing.

12 - First Impressions

There’s an old saying – ‘first impressions last’ – and nothing could be truer when it comes to presenting your property for sale. That means a tidy and presentable interior and exterior, as many people will drive-by before deciding whether to inspect it on open days.

There is no second chance at a first impression. The moment a buyer enters your property, a positive or negative thought will dominate. This is of major importance when it comes to influencing a buyer’s opinion. Look at your property as if you were the buyer. Are there any improvements you could make?

Your property is usually just one in a very long list of properties a buyer will see, so it’s crucial that they see it in the best possible light. The more desirable your property appears, the better your sale price is likely to be.