FSBO Script for Objections to Paying a Commission


Use this FSBO script and objection handler for overcoming for sale by owner objections about paying a real estate agent’s commission to help FSBO (for sale by owner) sellers understand how they will net more money by using an agent. The FSBO script below is specifically tailored to proactively address the primary reason for sale by owner sellers are reluctant to meet with agents: paying a commission. However, note that this FSBO script does not attempt to overcome the objection over the phone. Instead it merely promises that the agent will do so once they meet in person.

FSBO Script for Telephone Prospecting

Hello, I’m calling about the home for sale. Is this ______? Hi, this is (AGENT NAME) with (REAL ESTATE COMPANY) and I noticed that you have your home for sale and you’re selling it yourself, is that correct?

I’m calling because I’ve helped a lot of For Sale By Owners sell their homes, and I decided to give you a call to see how things are going for you?

When you do sell this home, where will you be moving to?

In a perfect world, by when do you want to get there?

I’m curious, is having to pay a commission the main reason why you decided to sell the home yourself instead of using a real estate agent?

If I show you how I can sell your home and actually net you more money than trying to sell it yourself, even after paying my commission, would it be something you’re interested in hearing about? (If YES . . .)

I have an opening at 4:00 today or would 3:00 tomorrow, which would be better for you? (If NO continue with the script . . .)I understand, if you believed an agent could do that you would’ve hired one already, right? But if you could net more money by listing your home for sale with me, rather than try to sell it on your own, you’d probably list your home with me wouldn’t you?

That’s exactly why we need to meet. I have an opening at 4:00 today or would 3:00 tomorrow, which would be better for you?

(If you can’t overcome their objections to meeting in person, ask for their mobile number and email address to follow up weekly and continue with . . .)

I tell you what, I’d still like to contact you with any new home sale activity that may impact the appraised value of your home from time to time. Would that be OK?

In the meantime, if you have any questions or if there is anything that I can help you with, please give me a call on 0123 456 789 I’ll be happy to assist you in any way that I can!

Source: FSBO Script for Objections to Paying a Commission