5 Rules to Secure More High-End Customers

Every real estate agent wants to make the maximum amount of property sales to guarantee a greater commission. A wise course of action would be to focus, not on the quantity, but the quality of sales. By quality, I mean, a more profitable price for the properties that you are helping people to buy or to sell. Working in the luxury market is tough, but also lucrative. Although, initially, the sale volume may be low, the value of each sale will be very high. Selling to high-end clients is a great way to market your business and to develop a credible reputation in the industry. It will help you develop a powerful brand image that will attract many potential buyers to choose your services instead of your rivals’.

Another benefit is that high-end customers have more buying power and you can charge them higher prices for your services. This ability in itself will help to increase your revenue and profits. Hence, catering to high-end customers can prove very beneficial because you will be in a better position to tap into promising new markets and convert potential buyers into customers.

But many real estate agents, especially those who haven’t undergone prior real estate training, don’t know how to attract and secure high-end clients. The process itself isn’t very hard, but it does require you to make smart decisions. Here are five steps to win over high-end customers if you wish to become a luxury real estate agent:

Rule # 1 – Be Professional and Have the Right Attitude

The right attitude can take you places! Make sure you appear confident, knowledgeable and experienced. Show clients that you have the skill and expertise to help them.

Be on time! This is very important. Your clients are bound to have other work and personal commitments, so it would be inconsiderate to keep them waiting!

Be active and responsive. Listen to what the client wants and then offer your input. Your meeting should be about making them feel comfortable and at ease with you; this will enable you to help them in the best possible way.

Want to know a great way to capture the attention of high-end customers? Wear crisp, smart and creaseless attire to give yourself a sophisticated and refined look. Invest in a luxury car. It would create a negative impact on the buyer if you drove a shabby old car to home inspections!

Rule # 2 – Include a Roadmap in Your Pre-listing Presentation

A great first impression must be backed by good customer service. Give the client a solid idea of what you can do for them and how you’ll go about it.

Explain the home buying or selling process in detail. You have to give them the roadmap during pre-listing presentation and educate them on exactly what you are going to do, when and how. Adopt a personalized approach. Each client should be given due respect, attention and priority.

Inform the client about the listed properties and their pros and cons, pointing out ones that would suit their requirements best. Home inspections shouldn’t be just about highlighting the good points. Make sure your clients know just what to expect from the gorgeous new home they’re about to buy. If you fail to do this, your agency could soon end up with a bad reputation!

Rule # 3 – Communicate Your Value Propositions

To attract a high-end clientele, it’s important to be perceived as an expert in the industry. Market your expertise by writing well-informed blogs, articles, books and market reports. Give informative and engaging lectures at real estate workshops and events. Be active on social media, and post insightful comments on trending real estate blogs and websites.

These steps will help to increase your visibility, to convey your proficiency and capability to buyers, and to build a following. After that, it will be a breeze convincing high-end clients to employ your services!

Rule # 4 – Have an Amazing Listing Kit

Don’t use persuasion as a crutch to convert high-end clients into customers. You need to give them something tangible in order to enable trust and loyalty. As a luxury agent, you need to have a great listing kit to showcase your expertise, experience and commitment to helping your clients.

Prepare a strong listing package containing key aspects such as extensive market and property analyses, a biography explaining your expertise and qualifications, details about your services, as well as an official listing agreement. This will convince the client that you mean business and can be trusted to deliver. Make sure it looks polished. Hire a professional designer to help you.

Investing the time, effort and money to prepare a comprehensive yet creative listing kit will pay big rewards by enabling more high-end customers to work with you. Your investment in your listing kit is going to be worth it.

Rule # 5 – Showcase Your Past Success

Use your past success to show new clients that you’re up to the task. The more successful projects you have under your belt, the more convincing and reliable you’ll appear. Showcase your past successes through testimonials and referrals, both online and offline, to let buyers know you are an expert and have the ability to help them. Your past achievements will help you to build credibility and rapport with your clients.

Not to mention, you can use your series of successful cases to build an incredible portfolio. This will make it far easier to attract and secure upscale clients!

If you’re looking to tap into high-end markets, follow these five steps dedicatedly, and watch your business expand to new heights right before your eyes!