Agents Marketing Strategy for Selling Pre-Construction – Part 1

With having privileged access to the latest developments in your area, you can create lucrative opportunities to generate more business. You need to keep in mind, however, you’re not the only person who has the means to attract attention to such new developments. So, with the ever increasing number of competitive real estate agents with your similar objectives out there, how do you get noticed?

There are a few strategies that you can implement. Some strategies will cost you more than others. To cast a wide net, online marketing will serve as a powerful tool. Opportunities will exist whether or not you already have an online presence for your real estate services. So, if you are late to the online game, don’t sweat it too much, there is still hope. I’ve written this blog a little differently from my normal, witty (in my opinion) blogs because there is a lot to cover.
Ok, Let’s walk through a scenario together and we will answer the question of how to start your marketing strategy.

Scenario: There is a new condo development within, or near, the local market you work. Prices and floor plans have not been released, however, the developer is expected to release this information within the next month or so.

Here’s the information the developer has given you:

  • The address
  • The starting price range
  • Pictures of the completed project
  • Information about the developer
  • The VIP release date for pricing and floor plans
  • A few statistics, such as expected completion date, types of units, and features like amenities

This is what every real estate agent will receive at the same time, and the race begins. We’ve created a game plan for you to follow, so let’s get started.

1. Domain Name

First things first, register the domain name of the condo, as closely to the project name as possible. For example, if the project name is Diamond Towers, then you can register If the domain is not available, try to be a little creative to get as close to the name as possible. Avoid long domain names or domain names with your name or branding, such as “”.

2. Gather Information

The next thing you want to do is to gather as much information as possible. In addition to what you received from the builder/developer, highlight the neighborhood. How far is it from major highways, schools, universities, corporations and more. Remember that you are also selling the location and lifestyle, and not just the condo. Do a quick search for the future city or business construction plans near the area. For example, is the city planning to build transportation or any new roads? This will also be a selling feature to highlight.

3. Put It All Together

You want to create excitement and momentum. Make potential clients feel they will miss a great opportunity. Now that you have information about the development and the neighborhood, put it all together. Pick the best features, such as location, pricing, opportunity or surrounding businesses to paint a picture of a lifestyle. This content will be for your landing page (domain you registered) to capture online leads. You will also use bits of this information in other areas for your marketing, so have a solid foundation for your content.

4. Creating Your Landing Page

You may have someone who will build your landing page for you, who can put together a simple website, filled with pictures, titles, and content. Brand the landing page to that of the new development with the ‘Diamond Tower’ logo and picture, instead of your personal brand. Make the website look visually appealing, give the right information, and make sure you have a CALL TO ACTION (CTA).

Great, you have people noticing your website, but with no other information or ability to sell just yet, what do you do? Ask people to fill out a form with their name, email, and phone number, and let them know you are creating a register for VIP clients. Let them know that they are ‘first in line’ as soon as the pricing and floor plans are available. After all, exclusive access is what you are offering them in exchange for their information. Also, ensure you have your name, brokerage information, phone number, and email in the footer of the website, so people understand that you are not the builder.

5. Create Automated Systems

Again, this may be something that a professional creates for you. It can be replicated for future developments and landing pages similar to this one. The easiest thing to do is to integrate your CRM and automated emails to your landing pages. This means that as soon as someone registers to get information, an email is sent to them right away. The email content can include a logo of ‘Diamond Towers’ and a message that confirms their registration, and what the next steps are. Your CRM system will capture the information and automatically add them to your database. Which is key. You can also send out emails and campaigns to this particular database, by only sending them information of ‘Diamond Towers’ since that is the only thing they are interested in, at the moment. There are free options for sending out email campaigns, even if you don’t integrate it with the CRM such as MailChimp, which is super easy to use.

6. Your Website

On your regular website, john, you can have a section for all your listings and include Diamond Towers as well. Follow the same system of offering a CTA so they can register for VIP access. You may decide to feature ‘Diamond Towers’ as a banner. Rotate your banner when you want to promote a particular project. Keep in mind, that your branding and website should generally otherwise be the same. However, a banner or a pop-up message on your website to encourage users to fill out a form to alert them with updated listings, new projects, or details would be a great way to gather online leads.

So far we have covered, in our part 1 series, your pre-construction selling strategy. Once you have the foundation set, your next focus will be on email campaigns and advertising, which will include Google AdWords and Social Media. Complete these 6 step action items, and keep an eye out for part 2 of your strategy.
Source: Agents Marketing Strategy for Selling Pre-Construction – Part 1 – GREL – Real Estate Blogs