Does Door Knocking Really Work For Lead Generation?

Door Knocking can be a very good lead generator for conscientious agents. I have met agents who have done very well generating leads through constant door knocking. For new agents, this can be a wonderful way to do some active prospecting while learning their craft.
Often new agents don’t have a great way for generating leads early on in their career. A great way is through door knocking. Here are some techniques and scripts that have worked for my agents and may work for you.

A good Door Knocking strategy can ensure that you are generating leads consistently. But you have to keep at it. Don’t expect to go out door knocking once every few months for 20 minutes, and get 5 deals out of it. You have to make a commitment and stick to it. I know many agents who have done very well just by walking their areas for short periods of time each week.

Here are some tips that can help you with your door knocking strategy.

Door Knock For At Least 1 Hour Each Time Out

Knock on at least 25 doors at a time. Typically you can knock on about 20-30 doors per hour so this should be a minimum you set for yourself.

Book Appointments For A Later Time

If you find someone who is interested in a home evaluation right that second, book the appointment for another time later that week. You need to get through as many doors at a time to maximize your lead generation. By stopping and accepting an invitation into the home to take a look on the spot, will slow you down way too much. Book a later time to come back and discuss the potential clients needs. This will give you time to gather information over the phone by using a Pre List phone call. You will be more prepared and will optimize your time together.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Typical results are 1 appointment for every 50 doors knocked. If you can commit to knocking on 100 doors per week you should be generating at least 2 appointments per week. With those kind of results you will have many listings to sell in no time!


Here are a few scripts you can use to get you started.

Script #1

Hi there Mr/Mrs. Seller, my name is Marty Green from Re/max and I’m just wondering if you have thought of moving in the next little while?

Do you know anyone else who is currently thinking about making a move?

Another script you could try is …

Script #2

Hello Mr/Mrs. Homeowner, my name is Marty Green from Re/max and I’m the local Real Estate Expert for your area. I am constantly working with Buyers and Sellers in this area and I was just wondering if you have thought about making a move in the next little while?

Have you heard of anyone else that is thinking of making a move?

Here’s my favorite …

Script #3

Hello Mr/Mrs. Seller, my name is Marty Green from Re/max and I’m just taking appointments today for anyone who is thinking about moving and would like to know what their home is worth. Have you been thinking of making a move and would like to know what your home is worth? It’s totally free!

That’s fine that you are not thinking of moving right now, I wouldn’t want to move from this area either. Would you like to receive my free monthly newsletter? Every month I put out an amazing newsletter like this one (show newsletter). In it I share what’s been happening in the market each month plus I include some great articles about fixing up your home and renovations, that kind of thing.

I also will let you know about any new sales in this area, plus any new listings. You’ll always be up to speed on what’s going on around you. Are you interested? All I need is your email address.

There’s a few examples of what you could say. By using example #3, you are adding people to your database that you can continually market to. You will always be top of mind by sending them your monthly newsletters plus occasional email blasts letting them know of the sales activities in their area.

Good Luck!

Source: Does Door Knocking Really Work For Lead Generation? | Real Estate Career Mentor