Real Estate Cold Calling Script that Works

Let’s face it. Making cold calls by phone can be intimidating. Some new real estate agents are shy about calling strangers on the phone. Others may be worried about receiving negative reactions. Whatever doubts you may have, just know that cold calling is a good source for picking up new listings. Here is a real estate cold calling script that works.

The script

Cold calling experts throughout the sales industry have shared their secrets in books, videos, sales training courses, forums, and blogs for years. Nearly all of them agree that the most important thing about cold calling is the script.

You need to have a well-written script to follow when making real estate cold calls. Without a script, you will fumble words or forget important suggestions that can make you sound foolish.

This is a proven real estate cold calling script that many successful agents use:

“Hi, this is Sally Jones from Bonanza Real Estate…. Yes, I am calling because my company has buyers looking for a home in your neighborhood. Are you thinking of selling in the near future?”

Why is this script so effective?

1. Its quick

The difference between being able to make 50 or 200 calls per day depends on the length of your script. Your real estate cold calling script needs to be FAST! Asking too many questions or wanting to know what each caller thinks takes up too much time.

2. It’s not offensive

Some people can be easily offended, while others hate all solicitation phone calls. Certain people are just jerks because that is what they are. You will never convince these people to do anything anyway. So don’t worry about them.

This script is very short to save time. Longer real estate cold calling scripts taking more time will only annoy those who have no interest in selling. Because this script is short, most people would reply with something like this, “Oh, no we don’t want to move now.” You reply, “Fine, have a good day!” With such a short call, you will often hear them say, “OK, thank you,” because they weren’t annoyed.

3. Its tactful and understandable

In reality, you want to say, “Me real estate agent. You want to sell house soon?”

Naturally, that is not how we talk. This real estate cold calling script was created to make sense so the homeowner is not confused. The message simply implies, “real estate” and “sell” with “soon” and “yes or no.” This is an uncomplicated message.

Cold calling to confused homeowners results in more time explaining who you are and why you are calling, which is a waste of your time. You want the homeowner to understand immediately and clearly why you are calling.

4. It flows

When using this script always PAUSE after the words “Real Estate.”

“Hi, this is Sally Jones from Bonanza Real Estate. (PAUSE) Yes, I am calling because…”

There is a reason for the pause.

Most cold call recipients are distracted from something they are doing or thinking about, which can make the beginning of your call confusing to them. The pause makes them understand that you are a real estate agent.

The pause avoids confusion.

When answering the phone, the average mind needs a few seconds to absorb the spoken words so they know who the caller is. Once they know who you are, they know the call is about real estate. Instantly the homeowner’s mind is prepared that this is a conversation about real estate.

Always emphasize the word “buyers.”

Never lie to a prospective listing. Calling “hot” neighborhoods always means there are prospective buyers wanting to live there. One advantage of being a member of a Multiple Listing Services (MLS) is that you have access to listings in every “hot” neighborhood where buyers want to live.

Therefore, when you say, “Yes, I am calling because my company has buyers looking for a home in your neighborhood,” the homeowner already knows you are a real estate agent. This sentence informs them you have buyers looking in their neighborhood. Naturally, the homeowner will conclude you are calling to see if he or she wants to sell.

5. It forces a fast response

The end of the script forces a fast response by asking, “Are you thinking of selling in the near future?”

The “near future” means soon and not a year from now. Therefore, the response will be fast because if they have been thinking of selling soon, they will say so. If not, they will quickly say, “No.”

This real estate cold calling script focuses on unlisted homeowners thinking of selling soon. It is effective because it is quick and direct. Because it is fast, you can make substantially more cold calls every day.
Source: Real Estate Cold Calling Script that Works – Real Estate Express