Dubai Real Estate Developments

Real estate is something that allows people to bring dreams to life and create spectacular shows of skill and power that might otherwise go unseen. Dubai is an area that has long been the focus of real estate developers that want to create something spectacular, something to behold, and something to wonder at, and for those that love innovation, Dubai is the place you want to be. Here are five developments in Dubai that are worth taking a look at.

  1. The Museum of the Future- This project is one that is not so much a condo or a place to live but rather something that is incredibly beautiful and amazing. The Museum of the Future is a museum that will be completed in 2017 and that will give the visitors a look at the future through simulations and interactive demonstrations. This is a stunning development that is sure to give visitors something to marvel at for days. The museum will not only feature beautiful displays and stunning demonstrations, the design is also innovative and super fun. The circular design is something that has not been done in any other building and is sure to add to the aesthetic of the area.
  2. The Dubai Creek Harbor- For those that love the sea and love things that are stunning and beautiful, the Dubai Creek Harbor development is one that is sure to make you stare in awe. When completed, Dubai Creek Harbor is three times the size of downtown Dubai and features two twin towers that are going to be the largest tower in the world. The towers will hold 39,000 residential units of varying price, 3,664 office units, 22 hotels, and a total of 4,400 rooms in the hotels. Emaar Holdings and Dubai Holding are responsible for the development. So far, the twin towers have not been started but the development is well under way with the Dubai Creek Residences, a cluster of six smaller towers, being built and beginning to be populated by residents.
  3. Deira Island- This development is also a bit different in that it is going to be a mixed-use development that is both a beach resort and as a place for anchor stores and various smaller stores and restaurants as well. This development will have a total of 424 hectares of mixed use properties. The resort will have 750 rooms as well as 21 kilometres of beachfront for use with the resort. The mixed market style of the development mimics the Arab Souk style and will feature stores, restaurants, and a number of other buildings. This is an incredibly interesting area that is going to bring a great deal of business to the area as well as people visiting and perhaps looking to live there. The project is being spearheaded by Nakheel in partnership with Spain’s RIU Hotels and Resorts.
  4. MBR City- District One- This is a stunning development that is as futuristic as it is innovative. This development is being headed by Meydan Sobha. The development will have an 8.8-kilometre bike and jogging track, crystal lagoons, a boardwalk, and an artificial beach, the longest in the world. The lagoons are going to be installed as the units for residential areas are completed and the area is currently under work with nearly 4,000 workers already on site. This is a truly stunning development that is sure to bring the height of luxury to anyone that decides to live there. The development is set to be completed in 2020.
  5. Al Mamzar Beachfront- This is another development that is stunning in both design and scope. The project is being spearheaded by Emaar Properties and Dubai Municipality and is going to be Dh10 Billion to complete. The project is going to be over nine million square feet and is going to hold 4,000 residential units, 300 hotel rooms, and 250,000 square meters of retail space. There are also walking paths that are covered with plantations. The job has been underway since early 2016. It is set to be one of the most impressive displays of any and is perfect for those that want to go see Dubai in all its glory and see just what types of developments are there.

For those that are thinking of heading to Dubai or that want to see what the developments there look like, these are just a few marvellous developments that can take you away and give you something to marvel at for days. This is a great selection of developments that are in the area and there are set to be so much more in the future that all developers and all travellers have to look forward to in the year of 2017. These are just a few of the great projects set to either start or complete building.
Source: Dubai Real Estate Developments – Developers Series | Grel Blogs